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City Beach Software

City Beach Software


17 - 19 Bridge Street
Sydney, ,  2000

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Decades of experience in eCommerce and online media. Deeply involved in eCommerce for more than a decade across a number of industry verticals, we’ve been in a prime position to experience the incredible pace of change in this field. One recurring pattern has emerged in that time: the need for agility and thinking outside the box to allow the organisation to thrive on change. For that reason, City Beach Software adheres to these principles: Agility Speed Repeatability When faced with a loosely-defined challenge, the best approach is often to try a number of solutions as fast as possible, embracing the idea of fail-fast fail-early. City Beach Software employs the Agile methodology to deliver the solution rapidly in small increments, giving the business owner the timely feedback necessary to make scope changes or change tack completely. We employ software tools that allow rapid prototyping and high productivity, leveraging open source and third party software as appropriate. We believe in continuous delivery, deploying each module of work as soon as it is done to allow the business to begin to gain benefit from the solution as early as possible. We also introspect the development process to learn what worked and what didn’t. This allows us to craft a software development approach that is both robust and repeatable.