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Robert Levins gate 5
Oslo, ,  0154

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Vipps AS, the leading smart payment company in Norway, was created in 2015 for the purpose of sending money as easily as sending an SMS. It's aim is to excite people every day through the delivery of world-class simplification. The company provides a broad range of payments and identification services, including payments online and in-store to receive money, scan or pay directly via a mobile wallet. With over 4.1 million users, the company is collectively owned by 110 banks in Norway and following a hugely successful launch, Vipps has become the Norwegian synonym for sending money to a friend. In 2018, Vipps merged with the national direct debit card scheme BankAxept and the leading electronic ID, BankID. Just four years after its launch, with a market penetration covering over 75% of the population, Vipps has become the strongest brand in Norway.