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PlumSlice Labs Inc

PlumSlice Labs Inc


580 California St Suite 1200
San Francisco, California,  94104
United States

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Digital commerce has experienced hyper growth in the last few years, resulting in significantly increased ecosystem complexity. Backend processes supported by systems that were built 10-15 years ago did not anticipate the current scale and speed of digital commerce. These systems are not equipped to handle the complexities and speed of the digital commerce ecosystem, creating significant process gaps. Workarounds are being addressed by a patchwork of tedious manual processes and stopgap tools. These gaps – the lack of process integration between 3 key systems (ERP, eCommerce and Supply Chain) – are resulting in poor customer experiences, longer time to market, product inaccuracies, and lower enterprise productivity. The PlumSlice Collaboration Suite tools were purpose-built to bridge the gaps between these systems, and enable vastly improved cross-team collaboration. In short, PlumSlice creates an end-to-end workflow optimization platform with seamless integration of ERP, ecommerce and supply chain processes. Driven by a passion to help people work efficiently and drawing from decades of executive experience in retail and IT, we created a suite of products to help organizations run smoother and smarter.