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Net Real Solutions S.L.U.

Net Real Solutions S.L.U.


Avda. Arcadi García Sanz 19, 1ºA
Vila-Real/Villarreal, Castellon,  12540

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At 360NRS, we elevate digital marketing by offering you a unique and robust solution that integrates multiple communication channels. From a single platform, you have the power to reach your audience through channels such as SMS, VOICE, email, WhatsApp, and more, ensuring your message is effectively delivered regardless of your recipient's preferred medium. We understand the importance of measuring and analyzing the impact of your campaigns, and for that reason, we provide detailed reports and comprehensive statistics that allow you to assess the performance of your strategies and adjust them as necessary. Furthermore, with our platform, you get more than just marketing tools: you dive into the world of CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service). This means you benefit from a cloud-based infrastructure specifically designed to customize, integrate, and scale your communications in line with the changing needs of your business. With 360NRS, you're not just adapting to the digital age, you're mastering it. We provide you with the tools to forge genuine connections, drive engagement, and maximize your marketing results. Together, let's take your communications to the next level!